Moosa Imran

Moosa Imran: A Multi-Talented Digital Marketing Professional

Moosa Imran is a dedicated and passionate digital marketer who thrives on driving online success. With a diverse range of experience and skills, he has made a significant impact in the digital marketing and administrative field. Here’s a closer look at his journey:

Assistant Marketing Manager at MAS & Co: Moosa served as an Assistant Marketing Manager at MAS & Co, where he honed his marketing skills and contributed to the success of the organization.

Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Junejo International Overseas Employment Promoter: In this role, Moosa demonstrated his expertise not only in marketing but also in managing public relations for a prominent overseas employment promoter.

Co-Founder/Producer at Write It Up: As a co-founder and producer at Write It Up, Moosa played a pivotal role in content creation and production, showcasing his creative and entrepreneurial side.

Lead Manager / Digital Marketing at Digital Eye Solution: Moosa’s leadership and digital marketing prowess shone through in his position as Lead Manager at Digital Eye Solution.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at Digi-Revolve: His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Digi-Revolve, where he currently serves as the CEO and Founder. Digi-Revolve is a testament to his dedication to digital marketing and business innovation.

IT Service Manager at Waste Track: Moosa’s versatility extends to IT service management, where he made a positive impact at Waste Track.

Moosa’s dedication to professional development is evident in his completion of courses at Facebook Blueprint and Google, two of the most prestigious digital marketing platforms.

Moosa Imran hails from Karachi, Pakistan, and his single-minded focus on his career has allowed him to amass a wealth of experience and knowledge. You can connect with him on social media platforms:

– Instagram: [@moosaimran786](
– Twitter: [@Moosaimran_786](
– Contact: 0341-228867

Moosa Imran is a true digital marketing maven, and his professional journey reflects his commitment to excellence in the field.